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The family home can be a big puzzle during divorce

According to an old adage, home is where the heart is. This is true in many divorce cases, where the spouses cannot agree on who gets to keep the family home. Understanding all options related to the marital home is critical when dealing with property division during divorce in Bronxville and other parts of New York.

One option is for one of the parties to purchase the house from his or her future ex. Coming to an agreement on the property's fair market value is the first step. The second step is refinancing, which may not be possible if the spouse interested in buying the house cannot qualify for the home loan.

Achieving a better divorce is possible

Children going through the dissolution of a marriage in Bronxville often struggle with it as much as the parents do. Unfortunately, they typically feel powerless, which can be a major source of stress as the family navigates this type of family law proceeding. A couple of tips may help parents to make the divorce process as positive as they can in light of the circumstances.

First, getting professional counseling may be helpful for the entire family. Both the parents and the children can take part in counseling sessions. Through counseling, the parents can work to recognize the patterns that made them gravitate to each other. In this way, they can avoid making the same mistakes again.

Financial preparation critical during divorce process

Even the best-laid plans for a marriage may end up going awry in Bronxville. After all, spouses and the situations they face can change over time and lead to irreconcilable differences. When divorce is inevitable, being prepared financially is critical.

When starting out on the road to divorce, a spouse's natural inclination may be to try to keep as much for himself or herself as possible in the way of assets. After all, feelings of resentment, bitterness and anger can easily cause one spouse to deprive the other spouse of as much as possible. This is particularly true in marriages where high-value assets or a large number of assets are at stake.

Collaborative divorces can end marriages in a peaceful manner

Some people who are filing for divorce aren't ending their marriage because they hate their spouse. Instead, they realize that they have grown apart and that it is time to part ways. If you are in this position, you might find that a collaborative divorce can help you end the marriage in a faster manner.

A collaborative divorce means that you and your ex work together to come to the terms of the divorce. This can be done in a few different ways, but those ways still have the same outcome -- you set the terms of the divorce settlement.

Parents can help children in divorce involving child custody

No experience of dissolving a marriage is easy when there are children involved. Even if parents who have been used to fighting are finally splitting up, tension may still continue if they are not in agreement with how child custody should be handled. A few tips may help divorcing parents in Bronxville to help their children during this emotionally trying time, which can impact them for years to come.

If possible, parents may want to avoid altering the children's current living arrangements. If such changes are inevitable, giving the children plenty of time to cope with them is critical. After all, quick changes may lead a child to become aggressive and tensed.

Child custody arguments may harm children's health

Even though the reality of divorce in Bronxville can be hard for parents to digest, it can also be tough for the children to swallow. This is true no matter if the children are relatively young or are teens. However, according to new research, how the parents handle a divorce proceeding, particularly one involving child custody, really determines whether a child will suffer health problems as a result of the split-up.

Based on the recent study, the actual divorce itself does not necessarily lead to health issues in the children of divorce. Instead, the subpar handling of the dissolution of the marriage by the parents can pose issues for the children. Children may suffer from various health problems caused by psychological stress in this situation, such as skin conditions, stomach issues and even neurological problems.

Property division can be addressed through collaborative divorce

Divorce is hardly an easy process to navigate, both emotionally and financially. Making matters more complicated is the presence of many assets that are subject to property division, or the existence of high-value assets. However, collaborative divorce may offer a viable option for couples in Bronxville who wish to avoid the acrimony that usually characterizes divorce proceedings.

In a traditional divorce proceeding, the discovery process often involves gamesmanship. This ends up increasing the length of the litigation as well as the financial cost of the proceeding. It can also take an emotional toll on both parties.

Property division, alimony may impact financial stability

Staying on top of finances after a divorce in Bronxville can be tricky for a number of reasons. First, the emotional roller coaster of divorce can make budgeting seem unimportant right away, and second, dealing with finances independently can be daunting for someone who is used to relying on a spouse to handle such a task.  A couple of tips may help with managing finances after a divorce involving matters such as property division or spousal support has been finalized.

Having insurance is critical after divorce. All existing insurance forms need to be reviewed, and beneficiaries need to be updated if necessary. Understanding the particular insurance benefits available through any policy is particularly important to ensure that they will actually be helpful in the long run.

Prenuptial agreements can offer protection, but know the limits

Before you get married, you work to get what you want. You know that as long as you pay for the things you have and take care of them, you will have them. Once you are thinking about getting married, you have to think about how this is going to change once you say, "I do."

When you get married, you and your new spouse merge in many senses. This means that assets you accumulate become shared assets. If the assets you had before commingle with the assets that you accumulate during the marriage, those assets also become shared assets.

Prenups can come in handy during divorce

A common perception is that putting together a prenuptial agreement is only necessary for those who are famous and rich. The reality is that prenuptial agreements can come in handy during divorce for couples of all income levels. A prenuptial agreement offers a few core benefits for those planning to walk down the aisle in Bronxville.

First, prenups may especially be beneficial for those who are about to get married and make a lot more money than their partners do. This type of agreement is also recommended when one partner has considerable more debt than the other partner. It can also be helpful in situations where one future spouse has children from a prior marriage.


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