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November 2016 Archives

The tax consequences of a divorce

In the midst of the many complicated issues brought about by divorce, a New York reader may not consider how this legal step will impact taxes. Financial support and property division are some of the most important and contentious aspects of ending a marriage, but frequently, people forget to give careful consideration to the long-term consequences of these major issues. The tax consequences of divorce can be costly and significant.

Equipping parents to deal with the complications of child custody

During divorce, New York parents are likely concerned with the well-being of their children above all else. For many families, it is beneficial and worthwhile to work toward a child custody plan that allows for the kids to have strong relationships with both parents. Even when parents do not get along, it is possible to secure a parenting plan that gives both parties regular access to their kids.

Protect your assets in a divorce - Avoid these mistakes

During a divorce, it is easy to let your emotions overpower your judgment, particularly with regards to preserving your assets. It is understandable to want to get the divorce process over with as soon as possible, but not at the expense of your future financial well-being.