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Equipping parents to deal with the complications of child custody

During divorce, New York parents are likely concerned with the well-being of their children above all else. For many families, it is beneficial and worthwhile to work toward a child custody plan that allows for the kids to have strong relationships with both parents. Even when parents do not get along, it is possible to secure a parenting plan that gives both parties regular access to their kids.

Many New York parents choose to co-parent, but that decision comes with many unique challenges. Even with the intent of working together for the benefit of the children, parents may find that it can be difficult to work together. Conflict between the two parties may derail even the most solid of co-parenting plans, making it important to learn how to deal with these matters quickly and effectively.

Men and women deal with stress differently and react to certain issues differently. These different stresses often affect their parenting and a relationship with a co-parent, which thereby affects the stability of a co-parenting plan. It is critical to work through issues thoughtfully and carefully, not allowing temporary emotions to drive decisions. A strong co-parenting plan will provide stability and continuity for parents and children as they weather difficult seasons and adjust to life after divorce.

Co-parenting can be difficult, but it is a worthwhile, rewarding effort. By working closely with a family law attorney, a parent can both protect his or her parental rights while still seeking a child custody plan that is practical and sustainable. Before making any major decisions regarding custody or visitation, a parent would be wise to schedule a case evaluation with an experienced lawyer.

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