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December 2016 Archives

Child custody can be sticking point during divorce

The New York divorce process can be difficult to navigate for financial reasons, but it can also be tough to go through emotionally for those with children. Unfortunately, parents often go into a divorce proceeding expecting to face a great deal of conflict with each other when addressing child custody concerns. A few tips may help handle this aspect of divorce effectively.

Anger during divorce may have both positive and negative effects

The process of getting divorced in New York can be financially devastating, no matter what a person's income level. However, it can be especially difficult from an emotional standpoint. Unfortunately, when a person is angry in the midst of divorce proceedings, he or she is more likely to make irrational decisions that may have long-term negative consequences.

Understanding finances important part of divorce proceeding

The end of a marriage can be one of the most stressful experiences of a person's life. This is particularly true for individuals getting divorced later in life. However, a couple of tips may help people to navigate the divorce process in New York with more confidence.

Don't let the first post-divorce holidays be blue

Parents of young children who are struggling through their first post-divorce holiday season can easily become overwhelmed by the stress. While it is natural to have trouble adapting to what is now the new normal, it's vital to try to keep things as close to your children's regular routines as possible.

How does divorce impact retirement savings?

New York readers know that the end of a marriage has a significant impact on every area of life, including finances. It is certain that divorce will affect retirement savings, but many people do not understand how decisions that they make in haste can have a drastically negative impact on their future. With guidance and support, a divorce does not have to completely derail retirement plans.

Can "the money talk" prevent disputes that may lead to divorce?

Having that important talk about money before marriage is, for some reason, difficult for people in New York and elsewhere. However, the fact that so many marriages end in divorce due to financial disputes underscores the importance of an open and honest discussion about finances before signing a marriage certificate. Couples in the Bronxville area may benefit from advice by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling on how to broach the subject.


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