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Be Facebook savvy during your divorce proceedings

| Jan 19, 2017 | Divorce

Emotions are high during a divorce. Most of us use social media as a means of communicating about our lives and feelings, but doing so during a divorce isn’t always the best option. No matter how strongly you feel about the situation, most of that information should be shared in private with people you trust.

Venting about your anger and frustration on Facebook can give your former spouse leverage during the divorce process. It can make you look petty, unbalanced, or aggressive to the courts. It could even damage your chances at obtaining full or partial custody of your children. You need to be careful about what you choose to share.

Avoid hyperbole, threats, and name-calling

It can be tempting to share your feelings in a public space, such as Facebook, when you’re really suffering because of the dissolution of your marriage. However, name-calling, potentially exaggerating the severity of your situation, or making statements that could be interpreted as direct or indirect threats to your former spouse can cause problems for you.

Anything you share can be presented to the courts as evidence about your demeanor and behavior during your marriage and now during its dissolution. Even if you block your former spouse, mutual friends or acquaintances may share your posts or comments with your ex.

Focus on real world relationships for now

Excessive use of social media, specifically Facebook, has already been linked to dissatisfaction with and inadequate investment in primary relationships in real life. The more time you spend on social media, the less time you have to build and maintain real world relationships. While you don’t need to eschew social media entirely, it may be a good idea to limit your use of it and focus on direct, real world interactions.

When in doubt, ask your attorney

One of the most critical ways to protect your future during a divorce is to retain the services of an experienced divorce and family law firm. They can help you avoid social media pitfalls during your divorce. They can also help you use your former spouse’s social media activity as evidence in support of your position, if applicable.

Working with an attorney will also provide you with a real world outlet for your feelings, desires, and fears regarding your divorce. Communicating them in private with your attorney or a counselor will protect your interests during the divorce.