No marital dissolution is the same, which is why there is no blanket approach to addressing all divorce-related matters. This is especially the case for high-asset or highly contested divorces in Bronxville and other communities in New York. A few tips may help those facing these issues to tackle the divorce process confidently with the goal of protecting their best interests financially.

In many divorces, the parties can craft an equitable resolution to any issues that crop up. These may include the distribution of property, child custody or spousal maintenance, for example. These often complicated legal, emotional and financial issues require the cautious consideration of family and individual goals.

If the parties are able to try to see eye to eye, they can benefit from collaborative divorce. This process gives a couple a chance to resolve even extremely delicate issues in a way that is amicable, creative and relatively quick. It is considered the best option for resolving divorce disputes without engendering long-term hostility. Through collaborative divorce, parents can also develop outside-of-the-box solutions to child support and child custody issues.

If an alternative to litigation, such as collaborative divorce, ends up being ineffective, then it may be necessary to address any unresolved issues in court. Litigation is a powerful tool for helping you to achieve your personal goals during a divorce proceeding in Bronxville and throughout New York. It is within your right to fight for your fair share of assets, which will typically have an impact on your financial status long after the divorce has been finalized.