Divorce can be an extremely stressful experience due to the financial and emotional challenges associated with this type of family law proceeding. This may be particularly true for two individuals in Bronxville, NY, who do not see eye to eye in areas such as property division. However, divorce mediation may be a helpful way of addressing such matters.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that is available for people going through the dissolution of a marriage. It is basically a negotiation that a third party, who is neutral, facilitates. Mediation is different from arbitration, which is similar to a trial, as the third party does not make decisions in mediation.

Mediation is an option during divorce that helps two people who are having trouble resolving their dispute. It is usually a hands-on, structured, short-term and task-oriented process. The mediator is responsible for facilitating the two parties’ dispute resolution by supervising their bargaining process and information exchange. The mediator additionally offers creative solutions, addresses unrealistic expectations and helps with drafting the couple’s final settlement. The mediator essentially interprets concerns, frames issues, defines problems and relays information to both parties.

With divorce mediation, two individuals in Bronxville, NY, can avoid the stress and expense of litigation, which is also more time-consuming. However, if the two individuals cannot find common ground when discussing property division, asset distribution or other issues, further court intrusion may be necessary. A judge will step in to make these important decisions for the couple, although the outcome may not be personally favorable to either party.

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