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6 tips for social media usage during a divorce

Most people these days have at least one social media account. These accounts are a great way to keep in touch with family members and friends. It isn’t easy to think about having your social media accounts monitored, especially since you are an adult. You must realize that social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, can come into the picture when you are going through a divorce.

#1: Change individual account passwords

If there is a chance that your ex has your passwords, you need to change those as soon as possible. Your individual accounts should be accessible by only you as you don’t want your ex to post or say anything on your account that could spell trouble for you during the divorce.

#2: Gather content you want from shared accounts

If you and your ex have shared social media accounts, download anything that you might need during the divorce or after it. This can include pictures that you want to keep for keepsakes, any documents that might be important, messages you feel you might need or posts that should be saved. This is especially important if there is a chance that your ex might be able to delete them. Even screenshots might be helpful in these cases.

#3: Make note of mutual friends

You and your ex likely share some of the same friends. You need to make note of which friends you share so that you can weed out ones who might try to start more drama between you and your ex than what there already is. Even if you don’t post or share anything that should start drama, some mutual friends might try to construe things as hits against your ex.

#4: Be careful with pictures

The pictures you post might seem innocent to you; however, you should review them carefully before you post them to make sure they don’t contain anything that might be fuel for your ex. For example, posting a picture of a weekend trip with your friends doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people. If there are questions about the property division process, your ex might use those pictures against you to claim that you are hiding assets since you can afford a weekend trip.

#5: Think before you post comments and status messages

Any information that you have in comments and status messages might be used against you. Just like you have to do this before you share pictures, you should do the same before you post anything else. You should be especially careful about what you say that mutual friends can see, even if you have your ex blocked from your profile. People might share screenshots if they can’t share the actual status or comment.

#6: Take a step away

It might be best to just step away from social media when you are going through a divorce. You probably shouldn’t open any new accounts since even that might pose a problem. Always be sure to find out about the implications of any decision you make regarding social media before you take any action.

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