Even the best-laid plans for a marriage can end up being thwarted by irreconcilable differences. When divorce is inevitable, knowing what to do and what not to do can be confusing and stressful. A couple of tips may offer guidance on how to handle this type of family law proceeding in Bronxville.

First, closing all joint accounts as soon as possible is paramount. Even if two spouses who have decided to divorce are on good terms at the start of the process, this does not mean things will stay this way. If one spouse starts to feel animosity toward the other spouse, he or she could end up racking up large sums of debt on a joint credit card on purpose. Separating finances is an important first step during a marital split.

Second, keeping the specifics of the divorce private rather than discussing them on social media is important. For instance, posting a picture with a new romantic interest is relatively common on social media platforms. However, this type of picture may not reflect well on the person doing the posting, and a future ex-spouse’s divorce attorney may use this against the party with the new flame.

Every situation involving a marital split-up is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach when navigating a divorce proceeding. The issues that crop up can be complex from a legal, emotional and financial standpoint, and making just one mistake can be costly long-term. However, an attorney in Bronxville can help with crafting fair and personally favorable resolutions to the disputes that might arise during the proceeding.

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