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Child custody among major issues in highly contested divorces

In some divorce situations in Bronxville, a couple is able to find common ground and work out their differences. In other cases, however, they simply cannot resolve their disputes about matters such as asset division and child custody. These divorce situations are known as highly contested divorces.

Sometimes a highly contested divorce involves hiring an expert witness. For instance, in a child custody case, there are often conflicts and complications on both sides. A professional can help a judge to decide custody-related matters by sharing unbiased information regarding each spouse, the children’s relationships with both parties, what may be most beneficial for the mental health of the children and their living conditions.

Other matters that can be highly contested involve money. Forensic accountants are able to address considerations of expenses/debts, assets and income. Thanks to their expertise in the areas of investigation, accounting and auditing, they can produce determinations that are fair in various financial matters, including the distribution of assets, child support and spousal support.

Divorce in Bronxville and other parts of New York can understandably be stressful from both an emotional and a monetary standpoint. Dissolving a marriage is even more complicated when children are involved, as they are impacted by a child custody battle and often find their lives disrupted as a result of it. An attorney can provide guidance during a highly contested divorce with the goal of making sure that one’s desired outcomes for the children and for oneself are pursued during this type of family law proceeding.

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