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Prenups can come in handy during divorce

A common perception is that putting together a prenuptial agreement is only necessary for those who are famous and rich. The reality is that prenuptial agreements can come in handy during divorce for couples of all income levels. A prenuptial agreement offers a few core benefits for those planning to walk down the aisle in Bronxville.

First, prenups may especially be beneficial for those who are about to get married and make a lot more money than their partners do. This type of agreement is also recommended when one partner has considerable more debt than the other partner. It can also be helpful in situations where one future spouse has children from a prior marriage.

These agreements are also handy in cases where one party envisions leaving the workforce so as to care for the children. Yet another benefit of putting together a prenup is that it promotes upfront and honest communication. This is especially critical since marital expectations and money are the two areas that many couples end up divorcing over. If a divorce does happen, such an agreement makes the process of property division and other areas of dispute much easier to handle as well.

Prenups are legal agreements that are made prior to getting married, and they outline what should take place if a divorce is inevitable. It is essentially another tool that couples can have in their arsenal of advanced planning as they work to prepare for possible events in the future. A divorce attorney in Bronxville can help with drafting a prenup that best reflects one’s wishes.

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