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Child custody arguments may harm children’s health

Even though the reality of divorce in Bronxville can be hard for parents to digest, it can also be tough for the children to swallow. This is true no matter if the children are relatively young or are teens. However, according to new research, how the parents handle a divorce proceeding, particularly one involving child custody, really determines whether a child will suffer health problems as a result of the split-up.

Based on the recent study, the actual divorce itself does not necessarily lead to health issues in the children of divorce. Instead, the subpar handling of the dissolution of the marriage by the parents can pose issues for the children. Children may suffer from various health problems caused by psychological stress in this situation, such as skin conditions, stomach issues and even neurological problems.

For children who may be struggling with their parents’ divorce, they may unfortunately end up developing long-term emotional problems. However, this is particularly an issue for those children who have not been given the tools needed to express and process their emotions in healthy ways. This is why modeling healthy coping skills is critical for parents who are going through divorce.

One way parents in Bronxville may make the divorce process more amicable is by going through divorce mediation instead of fighting about child custody and other heated issues at trial. By avoiding going to court, the parents can work together to resolve their problems instead of working against each other. In the end, they may be able to achieve a mutually satisfactory marital separation agreement, including a parenting plan that is in the best interests of their children.

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