No experience of dissolving a marriage is easy when there are children involved. Even if parents who have been used to fighting are finally splitting up, tension may still continue if they are not in agreement with how child custody should be handled. A few tips may help divorcing parents in Bronxville to help their children during this emotionally trying time, which can impact them for years to come.

If possible, parents may want to avoid altering the children’s current living arrangements. If such changes are inevitable, giving the children plenty of time to cope with them is critical. After all, quick changes may lead a child to become aggressive and tensed.

In addition, if the parents let their children know that they understand how the children feel and realize that the children must feel sad, this tells the children that their emotions are indeed valid. Encouraging the children to share their feelings is important before trying to offer ways of making the children feel better. Furthermore, parents may want to avoid engaging in open conflict when the children are present. When divorcing parents express hostility toward each other, their watching children learn these behaviors and have a greater likelihood of having behavioral and emotional issues that will continue past their childhoods.

Although a divorce proceeding involving child custody in Bronxville can be emotionally traumatizing, parents can take steps to minimize its emotional effects on the children. One step is to work with each other to create a parenting plan that will consider the best interests of the children following the divorce. This can benefit the children in the long run while also improving the parents’ chances of being able to work together and resolve disputes amicably as co-parents down the road.

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