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Parents can help children in divorce involving child custody

No experience of dissolving a marriage is easy when there are children involved. Even if parents who have been used to fighting are finally splitting up, tension may still continue if they are not in agreement with how child custody should be handled. A few tips may help divorcing parents in Bronxville to help their children during this emotionally trying time, which can impact them for years to come.

Child custody arguments may harm children's health

Even though the reality of divorce in Bronxville can be hard for parents to digest, it can also be tough for the children to swallow. This is true no matter if the children are relatively young or are teens. However, according to new research, how the parents handle a divorce proceeding, particularly one involving child custody, really determines whether a child will suffer health problems as a result of the split-up.

Child custody among major issues in highly contested divorces

In some divorce situations in Bronxville, a couple is able to find common ground and work out their differences. In other cases, however, they simply cannot resolve their disputes about matters such as asset division and child custody. These divorce situations are known as highly contested divorces.

Children must feel loved during child custody dispute

When a couple gets divorced, in many cases, the children have no choice in which parent they get to live with. Even when they can choose, they might notice that their parents' attention is divided rather than being focused on them. A couple of tips may help parents in Bronxville who are navigating a child custody proceeding to create the most ideal circumstances for their children.

Child custody battle can having long-lasting impact on children

Divorce impacts more than a million children in the United States each year. Unfortunately, the effects of a divorce proceeding involving a child custody battle can last for years beyond the actual proceeding. A couple of tips may help parents in Bronxville, NY, to ensure that their children transition as smoothly as possible during this type of family law proceeding.

Child custody can be sticking point during divorce

The New York divorce process can be difficult to navigate for financial reasons, but it can also be tough to go through emotionally for those with children. Unfortunately, parents often go into a divorce proceeding expecting to face a great deal of conflict with each other when addressing child custody concerns. A few tips may help handle this aspect of divorce effectively.

Equipping parents to deal with the complications of child custody

During divorce, New York parents are likely concerned with the well-being of their children above all else. For many families, it is beneficial and worthwhile to work toward a child custody plan that allows for the kids to have strong relationships with both parents. Even when parents do not get along, it is possible to secure a parenting plan that gives both parties regular access to their kids.

Can my ex move away with our children?

Custody matters can be complex and emotionally difficult. Add the possibility of your children moving away with your ex and the situation becomes even more heart-wrenching. In these situations, it is vital to understand your legal rights and the potential decisions the court may take when deciding on the case.


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