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Prenuptial agreements can protect you during a contentious divorce

Generally speaking, the greater the assets you've accumulated before you marry, the more important a prenuptial agreement is to your financial security. Many professionals agree that in an age when fully half of all marriages end in divorce, a prenuptial agreement is more important than ever.

Be Facebook savvy during your divorce proceedings

Emotions are high during a divorce. Most of us use social media as a means of communicating about our lives and feelings, but doing so during a divorce isn't always the best option. No matter how strongly you feel about the situation, most of that information should be shared in private with people you trust.

Don't let the first post-divorce holidays be blue

Parents of young children who are struggling through their first post-divorce holiday season can easily become overwhelmed by the stress. While it is natural to have trouble adapting to what is now the new normal, it's vital to try to keep things as close to your children's regular routines as possible.

Quirk in New York law regarding professional degrees

It is not uncommon for New Yorkers to hold degrees that are seemingly unrelated to their current professions. For example, a person with a law degree may start a non-profit or go into teaching. Someone with a Master's in public health may open a coffee shop, or an account many switch careers and become a social worker.

Service of process and...Facebook?

In order to begin a divorce, a Summons must be served on the other spouse. This puts them on notice you are persuing dissolution of marriage. Service of these documents cannot be completed by you or someone under 18. Typically a process server conducts this process, which requires them to locate the person to be served at home or at work in order to hand them the documents.

Collaborative divorce in New York: A primer

Considering a divorce? The process has changed from what it once was. Long gone are the days when there was only one option for those who are thinking of divorce. Although the traditional litigation route is still available, alternative means also exist that may work better for some couples.


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