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High Asset Divorce Archives

The family home can be a big puzzle during divorce

According to an old adage, home is where the heart is. This is true in many divorce cases, where the spouses cannot agree on who gets to keep the family home. Understanding all options related to the marital home is critical when dealing with property division during divorce in Bronxville and other parts of New York.

Achieving a better divorce is possible

Children going through the dissolution of a marriage in Bronxville often struggle with it as much as the parents do. Unfortunately, they typically feel powerless, which can be a major source of stress as the family navigates this type of family law proceeding. A couple of tips may help parents to make the divorce process as positive as they can in light of the circumstances.

Prenups can come in handy during divorce

A common perception is that putting together a prenuptial agreement is only necessary for those who are famous and rich. The reality is that prenuptial agreements can come in handy during divorce for couples of all income levels. A prenuptial agreement offers a few core benefits for those planning to walk down the aisle in Bronxville.

Divorce team includes a few critical experts

The process of getting divorced can be tricky whether a person has been married for five years or for 50 years. After all, getting both parties to find common ground when dealing with divorce issues such as the splitting of assets can be tricky. A few experts can help with navigating this type of legal process in Bronxville.

March, August popular months for divorce

Researchers recently studied several years' worth of court records in another state and concluded that filing for divorce is actually seasonal. Specifically, consistent peaks were found in the months of August and March. However, no matter when a divorce filing takes place in Bronxville or elsewhere, there are a couple of important steps to take to protect oneself financially.

Tax payments affected by New York divorce proceeding

Just as getting married is a significant transition, getting divorced is also a major adjustment. A New York divorce has both emotional and financial impacts that can last years. One financial impact, in particular, is the effect that the dissolution of a marriage has on tax payments.

Protecting finances of great importance during divorce

Financial decisions can be difficult to make at any time, but they can be particularly overwhelming following the dissolution of a marriage in Bronxville. After all, divorce can quickly bring emotional pain. Financial questions that may be stressful to answer range from questions about which bank to use to questions about how to split a couple's stock purchases. A few tips may be helpful to take to address the financial aspects of a martial split-up.


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