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Whether you find yourself embroiled in a contested divorce, facing the complexities of the probate courts or involved in any other legal matter, you are probably looking for creative, workable and successful resolutions.

Iacono Law in New York has the resources and experience to help you find the solution you need. Since 1984, Bronxville attorney Joan Iacono has helped numerous individuals, families and businesses resolve their legal concerns.

Joan Iacono brings to her law practice a substantial knowledge of the judicial aspects involved in legal disputes. From 1988 to 1992, she served as principal court attorney to the chief judge of the Bronx County Family Court. As a result of her family court experience, she is better able to advise her clients and develop successful court strategies in all areas of practice.

These practice areas include:

  • Family law — Divorce, property division, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, adoption, LGBT issues, modifications, enforcement, marital agreements, child abuse and appeals
  • Probate and estate law — Wills, trusts, asset distribution, estate administration and other probate law issues
  • Real estate law — Residential and commercial real estate contracts, sales and purchases, and other transactions and disputes
  • Litigation — Personal injury, property damage, real estate litigation and estate litigation
  • Appeals — Reviewing initial cases, determining if an appeal is appropriate and arguing cases in front of the appellate court

Lawyer Joan Iacono is skilled at finding creative methods to solve legal matters. To discuss your concerns, contact Iacono Law at 914-961-0565 or 845-225-0824 or email the office to schedule a consultation.