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Real Estate Is A Major Investment

Real estate lawyer Joan Iacono represents clients in the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial property in Bronxville, Yonkers, White Plains, Carmel, Putnam County, Westchester County, Bronx County in New York. She handles all parts of the real estate transaction from negotiating the contract of sale through the closing.

Protect Yourself With Skilled Legal Advice

For buyers, Joan Iacono helps draft the contract of sale. When representing buyers she often revises or adds addendums to the contract of sale created by the seller’s attorney to protect her client’s interests and that the buyer has an “out” if possible and where applicable.

Joan Iacono also assists with negotiations between buyer and sellers, and conducts title searches through a title company to make sure the seller is able to provide clear title to the property to the buyer.

“Most residential transactions are simple and enjoyable transactions for everyone involved, and I help them stay that way by researching problems in advance to come up with solutions,” said Joan Iacono. “In most cases, both buyer and seller want to see the sale take place.”

Commercial transactions often have different issues, but Iacono ensures that her side of the transaction is well protected.

Joan Iacono also handles real estate litigation over issues such as easements, property line and boundary disputes, and actions for partition.

Crafting legal resolutions that work for you

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